I speak widely to conference and corporate audiences, and develop a customized experience for each client.


“Increasing Courage in Your Life” at InnerNerds in New York City




Workshops are customized to meet your needs. Here is a sampling of past workshops.


For Corporations

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+ Being-Based Leadership

In a world of Doing, Being is a lost art.

In this workshop, participants will identify what is possible when they step outside of habitual patterns and automatic behaviors that hold their organization back and into the limitless possibility of who they are being. Leaders will be challenged to distinguish these patterns in themselves and their team, so that they can choose how they show up – before they do anything – powerfully and with intention to inspire their teams.

+ Wellness As Power

Wellness is a direct source of power in life and business.

Participants will be guided in looking at an aerial view of a wide range of nontraditional aspects of their wellness as it relates to their personal and business goals. They will create a personal wellness plan with support and accountability structures to take their commitment beyond this workshop. We will look at what will have the participants show up more powerfully, both at work and home. Teams will also be invited to look at the organization’s current wellness culture, and to intentionally choose how they would like to influence it moving forward.

+ The Creation Conversation

The most successful people in your organization aren’t the smartest or the most educated; they are the ones who stay connected to the higher vision even in the midst of hardship.

Working with a specific challenge or conflict, participants will be guided in honestly examining how they have been relating to challenges and problems individually and as a team thus far. They will look at how this relationship might have served them in the past, and how it is keeping them stuck in the same place now. Participants will identify where they are consciously or unconsciously operating in victim-mode, and what shifts are required to move from “victimhood” to full responsibility, despite obstacles.

+ Team Communication & Intimacy

Creating massive results in your organization depends on the power of partnership within your team.

This workshop will focus on moving from automatic ways of being and doing in relationships to intentionally choosing partnership, even in the most challenging places. Special attention will be given to the importance of taking ownership in difficult conversations and effectively giving and receiving feedback.


For the Community

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+ What's Your Desire?

What do you want?

In this interactive workshop, we will look at how we can channel both our masculine and feminine energy to get what we truly desire. We will take a look at our own relationship to desire, notice where we get stuck, and open up a conversation about how we can use desire as the fundamental fuel for our lives.

+ Creating Concious Relationship

Let’s talk about relationships: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We all have beliefs and thought patterns that we bring into relationships and dating. These beliefs have an impact, whether they come from our past relationships, childhood, or from what the world tells us about how relationships “should” go. In this interactive workshop, we will deconstruct our thought patterns and get in touch with what we want to create in relationship with intention. We will bring humor and fun to generate actions that allow you to practice creating what you want in relationships!

+ The Power of Women

Many of us have come to learn or experience relationships with women in some form or another throughout our lives. It comes to us fairly easily, but what about... when it doesn't?

Join us in a safe space where we will lift the veil off the idiosyncrasies of woman friendships. We will look at where we tend to come from based on social conditioning as women – cutting each other down, competition, collusion, and gossip. Then, we will look at what is possible if we are willing to drop how it usually goes and create a new, supportive, generative relationship with women. We'll walk through some concepts and real-life scenarios to help you find more ease, satisfaction, and sense of grounded-ness with the women in your life.


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