High Praise


CM Sharon.png

Sharon Lee Thony

Founder, Sharon Lee Thony Consulting

New York, New York

“Every corner of my life is fuller, richer, and deeper because of our work together.”

I call Cailin my "Billion Dollar Coach." Partnering with her is hands down the smartest investment I have made for myself and my business this past year. Through our work, I've have created a revenue stream that is 5x my previous salary (and growing). It's incredible! Cailin has cleared the way for me to fully be present as the businesswoman, mom, wife, friend, and sister that I want to be. Every corner of my life is fuller, richer, and deeper because of our work together.

As my coach, Cailin has helped me to get in touch with my power. We discuss goals and outcomes that I've always desired, but never had the tools to create for myself. Talking things through with Cailin and having her as a sounding board has helped me to focus my efforts, energies and belief systems to manifest my vision. Not only is she my Coach, she has become a friend, confidante and trusted advisor.

I am eternally grateful that I am working with Cailin. The best part is, I get to be the best version of me every day and am experiencing the happiness and joy that comes with fully being your authentic self.


CM Dana.png

Dana Karin

Founder, Sprig Flower Truck

Westchester, New York

“Coaching is an investment, there's no question. But it's a life-changing investment that will help you develop into the fullest, most powerful, and authentic version of yourself. You and the world deserve that version of you, so it's an investment well-worth making.”

Cailin is my number one champion. She pushes me when I need to be pushed, celebrates me when I need to be celebrated, and acts as an unrelenting safety net that allows me to take the risks that push me to grow into my full potential.

In working with Cailin, I’ve realized how powerful it can be to "jump in with both feet." I've taken tremendous risks that have only led to a fuller more nourishing life! I've left a decade-long career that was dissatisfying. My relationships - family, romantic, professional, and friendships - have all improved because I've learned to bring the most authentic version of myself to all of them. Oh! And I started my own business. When I want to create something, I check my fear at the door and just take the plunge jumping in with both feet.


Chris CM Site.png

Chris Donohoe

Founder, uncommonly, an organizational effectiveness consulting studio | Former Consultant, Slalom

New York, New York

“Through coaching, I realized that I get to choose how my life will go. And when you choose big things, big things happen.”

Since hiring Cailin, I quit my job, started a company, and got domestic partnered. My business is thriving and I am working with big name clients doing work that I love. Plus, I'm making more than double the salary that I left behind! I have also achieved new levels of intimacy with my Partner -- which is the thing I'm most proud of. We recently bought a beautiful home together, and we're continuing to take our relationship to new places. I'm learning to share more of myself with those around me. I'm more present and more myself - and that changes the way that people relate to me. It enables deeper connections.

Cailin consistently elevates the conversation beyond a point that most people are comfortable going. It's a future-based conversation that's rooted in who I am at my best. Where you put your money and time is where you'll see returns. If you're serious about your future, then invest in you.


CM Guersh.png

Guerschmide Saint-Ange

Executive Director of a Charter School

Brooklyn, New York

“Cailin's specific support on my leadership ascension has been the single most effective tool in my whole tool box.”

From the first conversation I had with Cailin, she said that her role is not to tell me the answer but to help me realize that I already know the answer. That realization has been life changing. Cailin's specific support on my leadership ascension has been the single most effective tool in my whole tool box.

I’ve learned that I owe myself compassion, forgiveness, a break, a moment - I owe myself every good thing. You owe yourself that, too. I now reward myself for a job well done big or small. I never did that before. It was unthinkable to reward myself before the big win. It meant I could go years before acknowledging how I was doing. It was literally exhausting to be me with that mindset. Now, if i send a difficult email, I don't mind high-fiving myself. This has shifted the way I mother my daughter, who now does a little cheer when she persists through homework.

I have completely shifted the adult culture of my school by leading from my essence. When I walk into my school and am confronted with a challenge I have never seen before, I literally check in with my HEART: Humanity, Empathy, Ancestry, Regalness, and Transparency. This has allowed me to make difficult personnel decisions, get total buy-in from my board, allow for staff to trust me and enroll people in a vision. The greatest result is the positive change happening in our school each and every day. While coaching with Cailin, I realized that my vision for my organization should give me goosebumps.



Lindsey Worster

Vice President of Marketing

Stamford, CT

“I’ve become a better person and a more focused, thoughtful leader. There is no better investment you can make than that.”

Through my work with Cailin, I’ve unlocked aspects of my potential I didn’t know I had. I’ve created a new level of trust and respect with my team and my peers. I've become a better person and a more focused, thoughtful leader. There is no better investment you can make than that.

I consider Cailin a trusted mentor, but also a friend. She helps me see situations and opportunities through an entirely different lens. And I am able to bring all of me - my full self - to the table.


CM Melissa.png

Melissa Bauknight

Executive Director, Create Your Ripple

Golden, Colorado

“You deserve this.”

My biggest accomplishment in working with Cailin has been accessing a deeper trust in myself and in God. I have been able to move through so many fears I had around living into a bigger version of myself, including retiring from my corporate medical device career to pursue my dream of working Beautycounter full time. Cailin has guided me to live into my true essence and to put gratitude at the forefront of my life. She helped me become a true team with my husband and gain his support to leave my job.

Coaching with Cailin has given me a sounding board, structure, and accountability to transform my leadership skills, coordinate a 3-month systems overhaul in my business, and improve the efficiency of over 700 team members. Now the top leaders on my team and I meet weekly via video conference and it’s the highlight of our week. We are more connected than we’ve ever been, and I feel lighter and more patient.  I’ve also truly moved into a mindset of service. Now, instead of being held back by self-doubt or fear, I think, “How will this positively impact others?”

I can honestly say every part of my life is in flow because of my choice to partner with Cailin and I’ll be forever grateful. This is honestly the best investment you could ever make. We have one life to live, and what could be more important than loving the heck out of it and yourself every day! You deserve this.


CM Oren.png


Performance Consultant and Coach, LinkedIn

San Francisco, California & New York, New York

“Blind spots are now my launching pads. Fears no longer withstand much scrutiny.”

Through working with Cailin I realized that I’d been “performing” in many areas of my life. I was holding up this "perfect" version of myself for the world to see and appreciate. In doing so, I was not being fully myself, which meant missing opportunities to connect and serve in profoundly more meaningful ways. Shifting toward presence -- and acting from that presence -- has changed everything. Blind spots are now my launching pads. Fears no longer withstand much scrutiny. I am more fully expressed and more deeply connected to others. More truly me across all contexts.

Cailin is a presence who guides you toward inspired change. Each time I speak with Cailin, it's like stepping into the sun on a warm, clear day. Despite having lived in the personal and professional development space for years, I'm endlessly impressed by Cailin's dedication to her path.  It’s a privilege to grow with her support and care."


CM Susan.png


Life and Business Coach, Coaching With Susan

New York, New York


“I wish I had done it years earlier.”

Cailin has this unique ability to see me in my highest and best light and remind me when I'm not living up to my potential. She helped me realize that my "perfectionism" came from a lack of trust in myself. Since working with her, I’ve been learning to trust myself more. My relationships with my daughters and husband have improved because I’ve lost the always-on anger. I am calmer, I have let go of the need to be right and I come from my heart more.


CM Ghita.png


Business Consultant and Coach | Former Management Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers

New York, New York


“Cailin is a mirror and a cheerleader at the same time.”

Cailin stands out from the other resources in my life because she intentionally chooses which hat to wear with the intention of supporting me in breaking free from old patterns and generating something entirely new. Cailin is a mirror and a cheerleader at the same time.

Since coaching with Cailin, I’ve redefined how I relate to myself as an expat in the US. I bought a house in New York! I can have my exciting, constantly moving, international expat life and I can have calm, groundedness and a true sense of home. All at the same time.


CM Bill.png

Bill Harris

CEO, Ubiquitous Technologies

Columbia, Maryland



“It’s so worth every penny. It’s a no brainer. The ROI on that money is infinite.”

When I first met Cailin, I was like...What’s this blonde chick from Wyoming going to tell me? She’s a millennial! I was amazed at how quick she got right to me, right to my essence, and just read me like a book.

Cailin is not going to give you the answer. She’s not the oracle. Cailin is going to ask you what you want and what you're going to do to achieve that. And each week she's going to ask, Is that aligned with what you really, really want?

It’s so worth every penny. It’s a no brainer. The ROI on that money is infinite.


CM Erica.png

Erica Rannestad

Senior Metals Analyst, Rio Tinto

Pulau Ujong, Singapore


“The confident badass woman inside of me is much louder than she was before.”

Cailin has supported me in forging a tailor-made path to achieve personal success. Whenever I feel uncertain about how to do something now, especially when I am outside my comfort zone, I think to myself "You get to create this" and I feel excited instead of insecure like I used to. I look at life as something I am creating every day. This is new for me and was sort of a “lightbulb” moment for me while working with her.

I have created confidence around my unique value. I now acknowledge I cannot do anything alone and I am continuously learning how to create support for myself and provide it to others in order to achieve goals. I've moved away from forcing solutions on problems and toward looking at problems as opportunities to create something different that enriches my life. I've learned to trust better and listen more. The confident badass woman inside of me is much louder than she was before.


CM Kelly.png

kelly grady

Founder, Grady Goodness, a wellness company

Brooklyn, New York


“Investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do.”

Cailin helped me uncover what it meant when I started developing an entrepreneurial itch. I’ve always had ideas that I’ve wanted to explore but I never actually took action on them. She has this incredible energy that makes you realize anything is possible, and that it's a matter of doing rather than just saying. 

Since working with Cailin, I've successfully launched my wellness brand, become a holistic health coach, developed my blog and brainstormed new ideas for wellness products. Cailin really pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible. Investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do.


CM Priya.png


Coach and Owner, PS Coaching LLC | Principal at LEAP Academy at North Fairmount 

Cincinnati, Ohio

“Cailin is the accountability partner who stands for my greatness without depending on it.”

I started coaching with Cailin because my life was alright, but my soul wanted so much more and was not satisfied with "good enough." There were things I yearned for - a relationship, a location-independent career, more freedom - that I never let myself fully believe were possible to attain because I was afraid I wasn't ready for them. Now I radically accept myself as I am today and know that I have the power to declare my future. People and ideas can only come to me as fast as the universe can deliver them, so there is no hurry. In the past, I was so worried about hitting certain life milestones and being on timelines. I am much more relaxed about accepting the natural pace of life now. I am able to separate myself from the drama of the moment and be with anyone without trying to control the conversation or bracing for attack. I’m most proud of the healthy, loving, committed relationship I created with my partner.

Cailin is the accountability partner who stands for my greatness without depending on it. I know I can bring anything to her, and that she will challenge me to come from my highest and greatest while also supporting me to accept myself exactly as I am.


Cm Tight.png


Founder, PowerCycle, a boutique spinning studio

Lincoln, Nebraska

“I felt like it was an awakening.”

As a first time entrepreneur I felt way in over my head. A year and a half into my business and I knew something needed to change. Everything to do with my life and my business seemed to be daunting and left me feeling powerless.

I have a renewed sense of feeling empowered in my life with opportunity and control to make it better. I no longer just endure things and hope for the best, but instead actively pursue the things I want, to help me live my best life.

Through practices and accountability I can definitely say where I am now is far from where I was when I began coaching. We've all heard the quote, 'you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself,' and you would be doing yourself a favor to have Cailin in your circle.