VERY common and VERY normal

Objections & Questions



+ I'm a man. Is feminine leadership relevant to my life?

"The feminine” is not something only women have. The qualities of the feminine are in all of us. When we make a seat for feminine qualities and feminine leadership at the table, our experience of what we achieve and create gets to feel good.

+ Feeling good? Ain't nobody got time for that.

There is a common cultural belief that achieving things has to be hard, exhausting and certainly not fun. Consider that's a story we've been telling ourselves about the way success and productivity have to go. If you are willing open your heart (even just a little), you'll find that you can have a different experience going after your that is likely more pleasurable than the one you are currently having.

+ This all sounds very soft and gushy. Not my style.

Accessing the feminine doesn't mean you're becoming a different person. What we're talking about is bringing all parts of you out to be expressed in the world - your creativity, your sensitivity, and your vision. The parts of you that you have approval for... and the parts of you that you may not have approval for just yet. If you are willing to tap into your feminine, the world will likely get access to the more fully expressed you, and that's a win all around.

Not to mention, approval accelerates the transformation process. When you say to someone (or yourself), "I see you fully", you create the conditions for them (or you) to grow and expand.

+ There's no way this would fly in corporate.

I hear you. And, as a leader, you have the power to create a culture you want want to work in. What is missing in your workplace culture right now? Chances are, it has to do with the feminine.

+ The men in my workplace would never go for this.

Men have feelings too and want to feel good, but social conditioning tells them they need to be "tough" and hide their emotions. The more willing we are to call everyone (men and women) into honest conversations about what's going on inside, the more expressed and seen everyone gets to be!

That's a workplace I'm interested in.


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