To increase your bottom line, make room for intimacy and vulnerability.


To increase your bottom line, make room for intimacy and vulnerability.


Most corporate conversations play it safe and stay on the surface of what’s really happening. They sound something like this…


[fade] …What are the rules? [/fade]

[fade] ...How have we done it in the past? [/fade]

[fade] …Isn’t there some sort of tried and true strategy we can use? [/fade]

[fade] ...Whose fault is this? [/fade]

[fade] ...How do we please that person? [/fade]

[fade] …How do we work around that person who’s been a ‘you know what’? [/fade]

[fade] ...How can we make sure our team looks really good? [/fade]

[fade]Leaders waste a lot of time and energy showing up as who they think they need to be for their colleagues and bosses, when in fact, they can be more effective and innovative when they show up as who they really are. It’s this willingness to be human that allows people to tap into what’s really under the surface and move forward. From there, you can have the real conversations, own your brilliance and execute on an aligned vision. [/fade]


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Key Outcomes

What could coaching bring to your corporate conversation?


Effective Teamwork


Real conversations

about what’s really happening, leading to higher performance and engagement


with others, leading to more ownership and accountability


and shame as tactics to increase productivity

VIsion CM.gif

Clarity on Vision


Increased communication

and clarity around where the individual, team and company are going

Execution of a clear vision

that the whole organization is aligned with and holding

Leadership CM.png

Stronger Leadership


Deep insight and understanding

of one’s unique leadership presence

The capacity to inspire

the team around a common vision

An unshakeable commitment

to taking 100% responsibility for the past, present and future


Innovative Thinking

A willingness to have a future-based conversation

and vision instead of making the comfortable, easy choices that feel good in the short-term

A climate of curiosity and creativity,

and increased access to multiple directions on any issue



YOUR Return on Investment

What if I told you your company’s success has everything to do with how willing you are to be human?


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