TIGH BUCKLES // Founder of PowerCycle, a boutique spinning studio

"As a first time entrepreneur I felt way in over my head. A year and a half into my business and I knew something needed to change. Everything to do with my life and my business seemed to be daunting and left me feeling powerless.

I felt like it was an awakening.

I have a renewed sense of feeling empowered in my life with opportunity and control to make it better. I no longer just endure things and hope for the best, but instead actively pursue the things I want, to help me live my best life. 

Through practices and accountability I can definitely say where I am now is far from where I was when I began coaching. We've all heard the quote, 'you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself,' and you would be doing yourself a favor to have Cailin in your circle."

JASON // Director Of Human Resources

"Simply put: Cailin is amazing. I have to admit: in the beginning, I was a bit nervous about what the process would entail.

But her calm and non-judgmental demeanor put me at ease.

She never prescribes solutions, but rather works with you to help you find meaningful answers. Expect someone who appreciates you for you and is dedicated to helping you be your best self."


VANESSA SENNING // LinkedIn Media Account Manager and future #bosslady

"I consider myself to be a self aware person and thought that I knew everything there was to know about my fears, hangups, and motivations. Boy was I wrong.

Cailin helped me uncover what was holding me back from starting my own business and has unlocked an amazing amount amount of creative potential in me. 

Above all, Cailin's warmth and genuine desire to help me succeed left me feeling elated and inspired after every single one of our meetings. I'm so happy she came into my life!"

KELLY GRADY // Founder and Owner of Grady Goodness

Cailin really helped me unlock my potential and pushed me in the best way possible. She helped me uncover what it meant when I started developing an entrepreneurial itch.

Cailin has this incredible energy that makes you realize anything is possible, and that it's a matter of doing rather than just saying. 

Since working with Cailin, I've successfully launched my brand, become a holistic health coach, developed my writing and brainstormed new ideas for wellness products. 

BRETT GREGORY // Professional Musician (bound for Broadway someday!)  

"Getting coached by Cailin was an eye opening experience for me. During my first session, I was extremely nervous. Through her calm demeanor and patience, the nerves quickly went away and almost immediately I started having an impactful experience. What I didn't know about life coaching is that the root of it is getting out of your comfort zone and discovering your defense mechanisms that kick in, preventing you from achieving your goals in life.

From our first session, Cailin had me stepping out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see what was getting in the way of my achievements.  

She has an innate ability to allow these discoveries to take place. She does this by guiding you to your own realizations and self-discovery, not by telling you what she thinks.  After each session with Cailin, I had a sense of excitement and empowerment.  Anybody fortunate enough to work with her is in for a transformative experience."


CASEY KELLER // Global Talent Acquisition Coordinator

"Cailin has been nothing but a positive force and shining light in my life!

She always is a voice of encouragement and somehow knows the right questions to ask to allow me to figure out on my own what the right decisions that I need to make. I can't imagine not having her support and passion in my life."