Come on in and make yourself cozy.

I'm Cailin. Welcome! 

Across my career, I have empowered thousands of people to find their dream careers, the talent strategies to power their companies, the rock star candidates to present to hiring managers, the money to make their fundraising dreams come true, or the answer to 1,987,652 divided by 28.

Huh? Back up. Connect the dots, please! 

As a former recruiter, teacher, nonprofit fundraising consultant, and talent acquisition consultant at LinkedIn, I know that I was born to support people all over the planet to be the best version of themselves. Through years of this work, I have seen and guided people through their highest highs and lowest lows.

I have worked with people from all walks of life, and my moments of greatest satisfaction are in the "aha!" moment, when someone realizes that they have everything they need within themselves to be successful and reach their goals.  I've seen it in the classroom, I've seen it in the C-Suite, I've seen it in the nonprofit world, I've seen it in the corporate world.  I've seen it from the viewpoint of a hiring manager, and I've also seen it from the viewpoint of a candidate. 

What possibility would we see from your viewpoint?

I believe in creating exactly what you want in life.

I hold that you have all the answers inside of you to live your best life. It's just about drawing them out of you and getting you out of your own way! It's about breaking the patterns that you are all too familiar with and exploring the space completely outside of your comfort zone. I tell my clients that if it feels really really uncomfortable, then we are looking in the right place. My clients range from artists to entrepreneurs, from the many layers of the corporate ladder world to the non-profit world, from city dwellers to suburbanites. 

What they all have in common is a big idea. Not just a "let me redecorate my apartment for the third time" kind of idea.  They have a grand vision for their life, and they're tired of living the same old story. They crave change. They crave progress. They are willing to be accountable and own their life and their results.

Want to learn more about my journey?  I think my life is best represented through the lens of the lessons that have most resonated with me over time.  Feel free to explore my most meaningful life lessons below.








What life lesson would you like to learn next? 


Let's create it together.